The Farm Holidays "La Rosa dei Venti", beyond that the traditional rooms, comprise also two monopremises. The first compound gives: matrimoniale bedroom more lettino, bath with veranda, frigo, climatizzatore, orthopaedic bed. According to composed they give: matrimoniale bedroom, bath, possibility of bed to castle, frigo, climatizzatore, orthopaedic bed, veranda. In the main room they are present: double room with bath, air conditioning, orthopaedic bed, frigo; other double bedroom with bath,air conditioning, orthopaedic bed, frigo.

The rooms The rooms are named:
Wisteria - a room with flower bedspread,
Iris - a room with light blue bedspread,
Mimosa - a room with orange bedspreads,
- a room with a blue bedspread and design of the moon