The Farm holidays "La Rosa dei Venti" You illustrates the own "Specialties":
First plates: Pasta with vegetables, gravies to the tomato, malloreddus to the campidanese, ravioli of potatoes, ravioli of annealed and spinaci, pasta to the fish gravy, etc.

Second earth Plates: Roast Maialetto, rabbit, duck, chicken, wild boar, pig, bisticks, salsicce. Second Plates of fish: Orate to knows them, orate to the tomatoes buckets.
Also great ethnic, vegetarian and apericeni dishes are prepared, offering, to those who will use the opportunity to discover recipes and typical dishes of distant countries and cultures different from our own.

Pizza: flat loaf stuffings of vegetables, meat. Bread made in house. Wine Sweet: Seadas, macaroons, pardulas, bianchini, bread of saba, peasant cakes, tarts of fruits, tarts of jam, cookies, paschal rubbers ring, bomboloni, made fried, croissant, chocolates, eggs, flan of milk, pabassinas, savoiardi, raviolini of annealed to the honey, anicini

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